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How to add and edit a beneficiary?

At Qonto, you can add a new beneficiary at any time. You can also edit one of your beneficiary details whenever you want.

Add a new beneficiary

To add new beneficiary details, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Transfers section of your Qonto web application and click on Create transfer

  2. Have a look at Your beneficiaries list, on your right, and click on the purple icon

  3. Fill in all the requested information and click on Add

  4. Your new beneficiary has been added to your list!

☝️ Good to know: You will find your beneficiary details on the list on your right, in the Your beneficiaries tab. Do you want to make a transfer to this beneficiary? Save some time and select the details in just one click.

Keep in mind that your team members and your accountant can also add a new beneficiary while sending you a transfer request.

Edit an existing beneficiary

Do you want to edit the details of one of your beneficiaries already on your list? Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Your beneficiaries list in the Transfers section
  2. Hover the beneficiary of your choice and click on the Edit this beneficiary icon
  3. Edit the information
  4. It will be updated for all the transfers made to this beneficiary!

✌️ Good to know: If you want to edit the IBAN, you will have to add a new beneficiary.

Note: You also can delete a beneficiary at any time by clicking on the Delete icon, next to Edit this beneficiary icon.

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