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How to move upcoming transfers to my new current account?

☝️This article concerns only those customers whose account details begin with TRZO.

When you access your new current account, all your transfers previously scheduled on your former account are automatically moved to your new current account.

Once moved to your new current account, these upcoming transfers are automatically deleted from your former account. None of the transfers (scheduled or recurring) that you had set up will be debited on your former account.

Credit funds to your new account for your upcoming transfers

We advise you to check all the details of your upcoming transfers (dates and amounts). This will help you estimate how much you need to transfer to your new account.

If one of your transfers is about to be executed

It takes an average of 48 working hours to move funds from your former account to your new current account. Your new current account may not be funded in time for this transfer.

☝️Our tip: Keep an eye on the transaction history of your new current account. If your transfer is rejected due to insufficient funds, you will have to initiate it manually once your new current account has been funded.

If it is a transfer request already validated

If you have validated a scheduled transfer request, it will still be displayed as validated on your former account but will be executed on your new current account.

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