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How can I move my direct debits to my new current account?

☝️This article concerns only those customers whose account details begin with TRZO.

If you have authorized some creditors to debit your former account, here is how to make sure they'll debit your new current account.

Our advice: Don't wait until it's too late to complete this step. This will allow you to pay the services or institutions that debit your account on a daily basis on time.

  1. Go to your former account to check all your current direct debits. If some of them are outdated, do some cleaning up and click on the Suspend next direct debits button.

  2. Authorize your creditors to debit your new current account.

For your SEPA Core direct debits 

These are the most common. You simply need to send your new IBAN to all services used to debit your account.

Once the SEPA Core direct debits have been set up on your new account, you will be able to suspend them on your former account.


SEPA B2B Direct Debits 

They are mainly used by public institutions (DGFIP, URSSAF, SIE...). You will need to contact the organizations to get all direct debit mandates.

To authorize your direct debits :

  • Sign the mandate provided by the creditor.
  • Go to the Direct Debits section of your new current account.
  • Click on Set up a new direct debit and answer yes to the question "Did you receive a B2B SEPA mandate from your creditor?".
  • Upload the signed mandate and then fill in the information of the mandate and the creditor: the Unique Mandate Reference (UMR), the Creditor SEPA Identifier (SCI), and the type of Direct Debit (one-time or recurring).

☝️Some public institutions may take some time to update your account details. We advise you to wait for the first debit on your new current account before suspending the direct debits on your former account.

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