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When and how can I close my former account?

☝️This article concerns only those customers whose account details begin with TRZO. 

You have until 12/31/2020 to switch all your banking activity from your former account to your new current account. 

After the delay, your former account will be closed and any remaining balance will be automatically transferred to your new current account. 

☝️ Even after this time, you will continue to have access to your transaction history and all downloadable documents from your former account. 

If you have moved all your banking activity to your new current account before 12/31/2020? 

Once all your funds and banking activity have been transferred to your new current account, there is no more reason to leave your former account open!

Let’s make it simple. Send us a message at [email protected] to let us know that your former account is ready to be closed. 

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