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Will I be billed twice during the transition period?

☝️ This article concerns only those customers whose account details begin with TRZO. 

The answer is no! But let us explain properly.

So, you now have access to your new Qonto current account along with all our new features. And you may be wondering how we will be billing your new account and your former account during the 90 days of transition, during which you have access to both accounts. Let us explain. 

Your new plan

How much does the new plan cost? 

The plan for your new current account costs the same as the plan you chose for your former account when you joined Qonto. If, for example, you usually paid a monthly fee of €9 excluding taxes, you will continue to pay this amount. 

Over the 90-day transitional period, you will have access to both your accounts, but you will pay for only your new current account plan. 

As soon as you access your new current account, you will be charged for this account only. Your first invoice will be for the coming month and is calculated according to the amount you paid for the current month for your former account. 


You paid €9 excluding taxes on February, 1st for your former account. You access your new current account on February, 20th. Your first monthly payment will be due on March, 20th and will be calculated based on the days already paid towards your former account for the month of February: €9 excl. taxes - 10 days.




How does it work?

You don’t need to do a thing. We will withdraw the payment for your plan directly from your new current account. All we ask of you is that you ensure the balance of your current account is well above the cost of your plan. 

On what date will your account be charged? 

The invoice date of your new current account corresponds to the date on which you first accessed your new account on our new platform. The payment date will, therefore, be different than what you are used to with your former account.

Additional cards and transactions not included in your plan 

On your new current account

If you order extra cards or complete additional transactions not included in your plan, you will be billed accordingly on the same date as for your plan. 

Have your needs evolved? You can select a different plan any time in the Settings‏ ‏> Subscription section of your Current account.

On your former account 

Do you still have extra cards for your former account and/or continue to carry out transactions not included in your plan, such as ATM withdrawals, check deposits, etc.?  

If so, you will continue to be billed for these transactions and additional cards on your former account on the renewal date. 

We recommend using your new current account for ongoing transactions and to delete the additional cards from your former account as you activate the new cards for your new account. 

Your prepaid packs 

Did you pay for an annual plan when you made your capital deposit? We made sure to account for the remaining months included in your plan. You will be billed for your monthly plan only when you have completed the 12 months included in your pack, no matter the account. 

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