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How much money should I transfer to my new current account?

☝️This article concerns only those customers whose account details begin with TRZO. 

If you have already accessed your new Qonto account, your interface now gives you access to both accounts during this transition period: your former account and your new current account. Your historical account will remain active for 90 days. 

In order to start using your new account and take advantage of all its new features, you need to initiate a first transfer from your former account to your current account. 


If you have no active cards and no future payments? 

You can transfer the entire balance available on your former account to your new current account. 


If you have active cards and upcoming debits on your former account? 

We advise you to leave a sufficient balance on your former account in order to :

  • Pay for your current and future direct debits
  • Pay with your old card while waiting to receive your new card

Once you delete your old cards and update your direct debit, you will be able to transfer all your funds to your new current account.

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