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Why should I have a new current account?

When we launched Qonto in July 2017, we chose support from Treezor, a partner payment services provider.

This collaboration soon enabled us to offer a new business banking account to all companies looking for an alternative to their traditional to make transfers, pay by card and receive payments.

In June 2018 we obtained our Payment Institution license from ACPR (Banque de France) in order to develop our own banking platform. Why? To manage all our customers’ payment transactions ourselves, and gain independence in order to make Qonto the bank of our dreams!

Since 16 May 2019, all French, Italian, Spanish and German companies that have joined Qonto have had access to this new platform.


What are the new platform advantages?

By gaining autonomy and developing this new platform we have been able to develop new features and services such as :

  • Get new premium cards with better limits, insurance and perks
  • Receive SWIFT transfers (coming soon)
  • Manage your finances with sub-accounts (coming soon)
  • Get access to credit products (coming soon)
  • And a lot more to come 


How to benefit from the new platform?

Good news! This new platform is already available and some of you already benefit from a new current account.

Have you received an email announcing that your new account is now available? If so, continue reading this article to discover all the details. Still haven’t received an email? Hang in there, we’ll be sending you one very soon to explain how to access your new current account (and all its new features). 

To make this transition as smooth as possible, we have given you 90 days to transfer your banking activity to your new current account. During this transitional period, you will continue to have access to your former account.  

☝️All companies whose business accounts were opened after May 16, 2019 benefit from this new platform. 


How do I differentiate my two accounts?

Your former account corresponds with the account details with which you are already familiar. 90 days after opening your new current account, this account will be closed, and you will no longer be able to use its account details. 

Your new current account will soon be your only account. It corresponds with your new account details and enables you to benefit from all of Qonto’s latest features. 

Once logged in to your Qonto app, simply click on the account name located at the top of your screen and easily switch from your former account to your new current account, or vice-versa.

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