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☝️This article concerns only those customers whose account details begin with TRZO. 

Why do I need to sign a new contract when I’m already a customer? 

When you joined Qonto, we were teamed up with our banking partner, Treezor, in order to carry out our customers’ financial transactions. Since developing our own banking platform to complete these transactions, Qonto has become gradually more independent, and the partnership with Treezor is coming to a close. 

Your new account is now available on our new banking platform. To continue using Qonto and to take advantage of our new features at the same price, we ask that you sign a new contract. 

What if I don’t want to transfer my activity to this new account? 

The partnership between Qonto and Treezor is nearly over. As a result, you will no longer be able to complete transactions on your former account via the Qonto interface. 

Your Qonto account as you know it will be suspended soon. If you would like to recover your funds, you would need to get in touch with Treezor.

Of course, your funds will remain secured and protected in accordance with the legislation on inactive bank accounts which would allow you to, at any time within a period of 10 years, submit a request to Treezor to transfer your funds to another account. 

Will this new account cost me more money?  

Absolutely not! Our sole motivation for choosing to offer you a faster, more reliable account with new features is to better fulfill our mission: to offer you a current account that meets your needs. The cost of your plan remains exactly the same. And we will continue to honor our promise to you of no hidden fees!




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