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When we launched Qonto in July 2017, we chose support from Treezor, a partner payment services provider.

This collaboration soon enabled us to offer a new business banking account to all companies looking for an alternative to their traditional to make transfers, pay by card and receive payments.

In June 2018 we obtained our Payment Institution license from ACPR (Banque de France) in order to develop our own banking platform. Why? To manage all our customers’ payment transactions ourselves, and gain independence in order to make Qonto the bank of our dreams!

Since 16 May 2019, all French, Italian, Spanish and German companies that have joined Qonto have had access to this new platform.


What is the difference between these two platforms?

Two platforms, two IBANs type

All users having an IBAN with TRZO benefit from our partner's platform, and those having one with QNTO benefits from our 100% homemade platform. 


New features and services

By gaining in autonomy and developing this new platform we have been able to set up new services. 

🎉 Some are already available like:

  • the possibility to receive transfers from abroad (SWIFT)
  • our Plus and X cards
  • cashing of cheques of less than €1,000 in 5 working days 

Others are being developed such as the possibility to have multiple current accounts with dedicated IBANs.

How to benefit from the new platform?

All companies whose business accounts were opened after May 16, 2019 benefit from this new platform. 

Qonto users who use our partner platform (those whose BIC starts with TRZO), do not have access to the new features available on our banking platform.


Why is that the case?

Moving from one platform to another also means changing account details, and setting up all one’s direct debits and adding beneficiaries again, etc. and we want to support our loyal customers as best we can with this transition.

We are currently working on developing a turnkey solution that will support our users’ accounts move from one platform to another.

From 2020, we will propose to our users whose accounts are on our partner’s platform that they move to a 100% Qonto platform to benefit from all the new features and services that we are preparing.

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