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What kind of transfers can I cancel?

In case of error after validating a transfer, you have the possibility to cancel it directly from your application (mobile and web) under certain conditions. 

What is the cancellation deadline? 

Every time that you make a transfer to a beneficiary who has an account with another bank, Qonto stores this information before sending it to Crédit Mutuel Arkéa (this is where your funds are secured). 

Transfer requests are communicated three times a day to ensure that your transactions are processed quickly. 

Once Crédit Mutuel Arkéa collects the information, the transfer is already in progress. 

You can cancel your transfer by yourself as long as Qonto has not asked Crédit Mutuel Arkéa to initiate the fund's movement to the beneficiary's bank. 

This time can vary from a few minutes to a few hours depending at the time the transfer has been validated. 

How does it work? 

Select the transfer in question from your History and click on Cancel this transfer in the transaction details. 

In the cases listed below, transfers cannot be canceled since your application 

  • From Qonto to Qonto 

Have you made a transfer to another Qonto account? This is an intra-bank transfer. They are free, unlimited and instantaneous. In fact, you do not have the possibility to cancel them from the interface. 

In case of error, we advise you to contact the beneficiary to request a refund or to contact us directly. 

  • The funds are already gone 

You have made a transfer to a bank other than Qonto and the Cancel transfer button is no longer available on your interface? 

You cannot cancel interbank transfers that are already in progress or those whose funds have already been transferred to the beneficiary's account.

In case of error, we advise you to contact the beneficiary directly to request a refund. 

  • Transfers in foreign currency

You can't cancel a foreign currency transfer. In case of problems, we advise you to contact the beneficiary to request a refund.

Who can cancel a transfer? 

Only the Admin of an account has the possibility to cancel a transfer. 

Have you made a transfer request which has been validated by your account Admin? If you want to request the cancellation of this transfer, contact your Admin as soon as possible. 

☝️ Good to know: take a look to the different transfer status by clicking here. It can provide complementary informations that could be useful in some cases.

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