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How can I connect QuickBooks to Qonto?

🇫🇷This article only applies to companies registered in France

You can connect Qonto directly to Quickbooks, in order to automatically upload your transactions straight into Quickbooks.


The set-up is very straightforward. Just follow these steps inside your Quickbooks interface:

  • In the main navigation menu, head to the Banking tab

  • Click on Add an account in the upper right hand corner 

  • Search for "Qonto" in the list of Banks

  • Fill in your Qonto credentials. For Quickbooks, they are your email and password 


  • In the list of bank accounts that appears, pick the one(s) you want to synchronize with Quickbooks

That's it! From now on, your Qonto transactions will appear in Quickbooks. Should you need any more details, do check out Quickbooks' help center article (French)

QuickBooks is only one of the many apps that can automatically connect to your Qonto account: you can find the list of these apps here.

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