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How can I filter my transaction history in Qonto ?

You'll find in the History section from your Qonto app that you can easily filter transactions by payment method, a range of date, amount, custom labels, existing receipts or invoices, etc. If you have multiple current accounts, you also can choose which account's transactions you want to display: all of them, or only the ones from a specific account. All you have to do is click on All accounts, under your balance.

Once you're satisfied with your filter selection, you can export the transactions information to another software.

Here are a couple of examples of how you can use filters:

Find last month's transactions

If you'd like to export your transactions from last month:

  • You can filter by date and set the values From to the first day of the month and To to the last day.
  • Use the status Executed to exclude all processing or declined transactions
  • Make sure you Apply filters and search when clicking on Export transactions

See only income sources or spendings

To do so, you can filter through amount :

  • To see income sources only, input 0 in Min. Amount so that only >0 transactions will be displayed in the results.
  • To see spendings only, input 0 in Max. Amount to display <0 transactions in the results.

Ease and prepare your accounting

You can speed up your bookkeeping by attaching your receipts to your payments. To quickly identify the transactions with a missing attachment, you just need to use the Missing receipts filter.

☝️ Good to know: There is an automatic VAT detection.

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