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How does 2-step verification work?

2-step verification is a temporary code, requested as an additional verification method (on top of your password) to perform all actions that can directly or indirectly lead to an outflow of cash from your account. 


How does 2-step verification work? 

  • Temporary verification codes will be required to verify every critical action on your account
  • Temporary codes will be sent to you by text.
  • You can set up 2-step verification from your personal settings, in the login & security tab


How can I set up SMS 2-step verification? 

  1. Sign in to your organization, and head to your settings, then to the security tab
  2. Find the 2-Step verification section, and click Set up to get started
  3. Pick Text messages (SMS) to receive temporary verification codes by text on your phone
  4. Fill in or confirm your phone number
  5. In the next step, enter the 6-digit temporary code you received by text. Do note: this code is only valid for one minute. If you missed it, request a new code. 


✅You're all set! 2-Step verification is now set-up for your account. From now on, you will have to fill in the temporary verification code you receive by text for every critical action you do on your account.


I changed or lost my phone, how can I get 2-step verification to work again?

If you lost access to the device or phone number, click here to find out what to do.



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