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Where can I find my API login and secret key?

Many third-party applications require your login and your secret key in order to securely connect to your Qonto account. (These are not the same as your email and password)

To retrieve your credentials, just go to app.qonto.com, and sign in to your Qonto account. Head to your organization's Settings, then click the "Integrations (API)" tab.

If you can't see your secret key yet, click on "Generate" to see it. (The "Regenerate" button will allow you to renew this key later - this will revoke access to your account for all integrations that used your previous secret key). 





When prompted for credentials in a third-party application, just copy and paste this login and secret key, and you're all set! The app will have read-only access to your transactions, and will be able to synchronize them automatically for you. 

You can find the full list of apps that connect with Qonto, as well as the credentials to use for each by following this link

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