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What is the difference between Qonto and a traditional bank account?

Qonto is a payment institution supervised by the Banque de France (under number CIB 16958).

We allow existing companies as well as companies that are under the registration process (to benefit from a current account and all the means of payment they need to run their activity efficiently (physical and virtual cards, debits, transfers, check deposits).

However, there are two differences between your Qonto account and a traditional business account:

  1. Your Qonto account cannot be overdrawn and we do not offer loans.
  2. We do not allow cash deposits.

Depending on your activity and your needs, you can either use Qonto as the main account for your business or as a side account for your daily transactions.

You could:

  • Collaborate as a team: Order payment cards online for your team, instantly create virtual cards to pay online, control your spendings by defining payment limits per card, invite your accountant in 'read-only' mode and download your transaction history (and attachments) for seamless accounting.
  • Say 'Goodbye' to paper: Gather your suppliers' invoices and your employees' receipts in your Qonto account. You will never ever chase receipts or invoices at the end of month again.
  • Connect your Qonto account to your favorite applications: Whether it is your CRM, your payroll or invoicing software – gain efficiency with our third-party integrations.

Start saving time and being more efficient: Sign up for Qonto today!

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