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Connect your Qonto account to

🇫🇷This article only applies to companies registered in France

In order to connect your Qonto account to, you do not have to go to your Qonto interface. You only need your RIB, and your Qonto login.

How to connect? It is very simple !

Your accountant only has to go on his interface.

  • Go to the "Relevés bancaires" section (available on the left navigation bar), 
  • Click on "Saisir un RIB", and then "Ajouter un RIB"
  • Enter the Qonto RIB (or IBAN) in the appropriate fields


  • Choose the periodicity
  • Select "Collecte par Web scraping"
  • Schedule bank statement retrieval (make sure that your email is properly set up in the company section)
  • Click on Valider


You will then receive an email from, inviting you to click on a link.

You will be asked to enter your Qonto login, proof that you authorize the accountant to retrieve bank statements from your Qonto account.

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