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Can I import multiple beneficiaries at once?

Importing beneficiaries in batch is a convenient feature when changing from a bank to another. Qonto allows to import up to 300 beneficiaries at the same time.

How does it work?

  1. Download the following empty CSV file: qonto_import_beneficiaries_empty.csv. Here is an example of how to fill in the file: qonto_import_beneficiaries_with examples.csv.
  2. Fill the CSV file with your beneficiaries, using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet editor (Do not modify the first row)
  3. Drag and drop your file into Qonto's beneficiary upload page (Qonto>Transfers>New Single Transfer>Upload beneficiaries (CSV))
  4. On the confirmation page, check that the data you imported is correct, and validate

⚠️ I get an error when uploading my fille, what should I do? 

Your file has to include the 4 columns below, separated by a semicolon (;).  If it doesn't, you will get an error.

  • NAME
  • IBAN
  • BIC 

Regarding the values, only the following columns have to be filled in NAME, IBAN. The values for "BIC" and "EMAIL" can remain blank, they are optional. 

IBAN and BIC must comply to the IBAN and BIC formats. In case of error, the confirmation screen will highlight beneficiaries for whom one of those parameters is wrong, so you get a chance to fix them.


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