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What are the different states of a card transaction?

Operations related to your Qonto account appear immediatly in your transactions history and your available balance is instantly updated.

Only some very specific actions won't be visible straight away: in-progress outbound transfers, scheduled transfers and recurring transfers remain in the 'Transfers' view until they are completed.

When you use your Qonto MasterCard, the transaction may show a label depending on its state:

  • A card transaction labelled as 'Processing' has been authorised but the account of the merchant hasn't been credited yet
  • A card transaction without any label is 'Settled' and the account of the merchant has been credited
  • A card transaction labelled as 'Declined' hasn't been authorised (learn more)
  • A card transaction can be 'Reversed' if the payment has been authorised but the merchant finally cancelled the transaction; this operation will disappear from your 'History'.

Transaction states are important to understand how the balance of your account is calculated.

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