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How to make a transfer in euros?

At Qonto, you can make internal or SEPA transfers, single or bulk ones, to execute now or schedule it for later.

How does it work?

  1. Go to the Transfers section of your Qonto web app
  2. Click on Create transfer and then on Single transfer in euros
  3. Fill in all the required information (if needed, don't forget to check the Repeat or schedule at a later date box)
  4. You can finally confirm your transfer

☝️ Good to know: To save time, have a look at the right of your screen. You'll find a list of all your beneficiaries. Do you have multiple accounts? Then, you'll also find the list of all your accounts.

Note: Transfers between Qonto accounts (or if you have multiple accounts, between two of them) are not deducted from your plan, and credited instantly!

Do you still have questions?

If you can't find the answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer you shortly!